About Us at Coffee House

This site is dedicated to informing you about the beloved beverage that we drink everyday but may not know enough about; coffee. Did you know that a coffee tree can grow to be over 9 meters tall for example? Did you know the cherries that become coffee beans actually take a full year to become mature enough to harvest? Did you know there are over 25 coffee producing countries in the world? Did you know there is a part of the world called ‘The Coffee Belt’?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you are in the right place! This site will walk you through the history of coffee, the different roasts and their qualities, some examples of unique and must try coffees, information on where coffee is grown and how the taste and quality differ as well as information on coffee shops and where to get your fix.

This site was designed by coffee lovers, but not just lovers of coffee as a drink, lovers and believers that coffee is a lifestyle, it stimulates economies, has extremely rich history, it is an art but also a relative science and is extremely tasty of course!

Brewing coffee in and of itself is an art. The equipment- from grinders to coffee makers and everything in between- is extensive. The beans are all very different, the tastes vary. Once you open your eyes to the world of coffee, you will develop a taste and an eye for different roasts and understand the complexity of the coffee you drink each and every day!

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