5 Best Coffee Joints in the UK

I think we can all agree that taking your cappuccino, espresso, mochaccino or café latte requires an upbeat environment.

The fast pace of life in the UK generally dictates that one can only have a proper take-away in the morning on one’s way to work – or perhaps in the evening after work to unwind.

The following are some of the options you can explore:

Beacon Coffee, Falmouth

Located at 28A High Street in Falmouth, this coffeehouse is sure to provide you with your caffeine fix. Managers of the shop, Alex and Sam, source their coffee beans from the legendary Old Spike and Colonna roasteries.

According to online reviews, this coffeehouse offers the best Flat White around.

The Exploding Bakery, Exeter England

Located in Central station Buildings-Queen Street, UK, the Exploding Bakery offers not only great coffee but also freshly-baked cakes.

When you visit all about coffee, you can read how this shop selects only the best beans, either from its own coffeehouse or from London’s famous Campbell Roastery.

Laynes Espresso, Leeds

Open since 2011, Laynes Espresso has an attractive look and a welcoming ambiance. If you find yourself near Leeds Train Station, be sure to hop in for an espresso.

Reviewers online rave about this place, which sources its beans from the London Square Mile.

Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool

Located at 89th Bold Street, Liverpool, this coffeehouse is known for serving the best cup of coffee in the vicinity.

It also features several other attractions, including live bands in the evenings.

South Coast Roast, Bournemouth

If you’re in Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, and you want to enjoy a comfortable place to enjoy your favorite hot beverage, South Coast Roast is for you.

Since 2008, this lively coffee shop has throbbed with life and radiated positive vibes. In addition to coffee, it is also known for serving excellent meals.

So head to your nearest coffee shop, grab a hot brew and enjoy it while reading, watching TV or while on your favourite UK football betting app.