From Bean to Brew; How Coffee is Made

So you buy yourself a cup of coffee daily, the process involves ordering your coffee just the way you like and handing over some change in exchange for it. The reality is that the process is much more in-depth and intricate. There is a lot of work that goes into that perfect cup of hot coffee that you drink every morning. Are you curious as to what the steps are? Well, from bean to brew, here is how your coffee comes to be:

  • Planting the Beans; the first step in this process is to plant the beans. Did you know the beans are actually seeds? The beans are the seeds that are dried, roasted and ground, all steps in the journey from plant to your cup. The seeds are planted in giant beds and are often shaded and watered frequently.
  • Harvesting; Well obviously these beans aren’t going to pick and brew themselves. Someone or many someones have to pick and harvest the crop. It’s actually a fruit that is harvested and the fruit is called coffee cherries because they turn a cherry red when ripe and ready. Because the seeds were planted in large quantities, there is often one major harvest. The major harvest isn’t always done by a machine or any big, fancy equipment but rather by hand by dedicated coffee farmers.
  • Processing: There are two methods that can be used to process the cherries; a dry and a wet method. Neither is better but rather it depends on where the beans were harvested and that country’s climate.

(Note that if the wet method is used, an additional step of drying has to be done).

  • Milling: this step ensures the unwanted external layers are removed
  • Exporting; this step is pretty self-explanatory
  • Tasting; this step is key in ensuring quality coffee makes it to local vendors
  • Roasting; turns the coffee from green to brown and aromatic
  • Grinding; the beans soon become grinds that can be used to brew

Et voila! Then your coffee is made and poured into your cup!

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