Some of the Best Coffee Brands

Below are some of the top coffee brands that are worth a try if you are in the market for new coffee or looking for some new roasts to try:

  • Kakalove Cafe.

Using the Arabica bean, this Ethiopian blend is distinct in taste. It is produced by hand by farmers in Ethiopia. If this support for local business isn’t reason enough, this wet produced coffee is some of the finest and is worth a try if you like unique and strong coffee. There are playful notes of both chocolate and fruit.

  • Ninety Plus Gesha Estates Limited Batch

This is a light roast coffee that originates in Panama. It is a small batch coffee that is produced in the United States by the JBC Brothers. This company has a website where you can order this and many other coffees internationally. The story is as unique as the taste and is worth a read and a try.

  • Makwa Kenya AB

This is produced by an American company called Big Shoulders Coffee out of Chicago. The beans for this roast originate in Kenya. It is a light roast but don’t let the roast fool you, there are layers to the flavour of this coffee. It is both sweet and savoury at the same time featuring an oakiness with hints of chocolate and just a touch of acidity. All of these flavours tie together into a smooth coffee that is easy to drink and silky in texture and feel.

  • Calle San Juan Costa Rica Honey

This balanced blend is pricy but worth it. The unique washing method makes this coffee an amazing almost medium blend with the feel and lightness of a lighter blend. The hybrid is rich but somehow super sweet as well. Who would have though pineapple would make an appearance,and a nice one at that, in a coffee? The citrusy aromas are pleasant and refreshing but the hazelnut and buttery flavours keep it balanced and grounded.

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