Who Roasts What?

As you are likely aware, coffee is produced, harvested and roasted all over the world. If you are wondering what is homegrown near you, check this out:

  • Hawaii

The climate in Hawaii creates perfect conditions for producing coffee. Kona coffee is always in demand not only domestically but all over the world. The volcanic soil combined with the right ratio of sun and shade create the ultimate bean.

  • Mexico

Unlike Hawaii, Mexico focuses on a number of smaller plantations and farms but that doesn’t impact or impede the amount of or the quality of coffee produced there. Over 100 thousand farmers make Mexico among the top coffee producers in the world. The conditions in Mexico favour beans for darker roasts and sharper flavour.

  • Colombia

Well if you didn’t know Colombia produced coffee then you are doing something wrong. Colombia is one of the best-known producers and one of the largest as well. The nation relies and prides itself on sustainable and family run farms and production.

Though the climate and topography is helpful in growing and harvesting the beans, it proves to be an obstacle when it comes to transportation. Jeep or Mule has to be used to successfully transport the harvested beans to appropriate shipment and distribution centres.

  • Brazil

Though you may not know it off the top of your head, Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the entire world. There are enormous plantations scattered across the country. The properties of the Brazilian coffee tend to be medium in colour and milder/sweeter in taste.

  • Ethiopia

Unique taste that reflects the deep history and significance of coffee in the country, beans that are produced here are done so in three main regions.

There are a number of other coffee producing countries that exist all over the world, each one producing unique beans and flavours.

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