Where to Put Those Beans

It may seem trivial and relatively silly to talk about where to store coffee but in reality, if you spend your hard earned money on a decent coffee, it should be important to get the most out of it. Whether you are a coffee fanatic or you are brew beginner, you will notice a difference in the way your coffee tastes and how long it lasts if you consider the following:

  • Cool Beans

Avoid storing anywhere where the beans are exposed to a lot of air, dampness/moisture, heat as well as natural and artificial light. This means that your best bet for maintaining and getting the most out of your beans is to preserve the flavour by keeping the beans stored in an airtight, sealed container somewhere cool (like a dark cupboard or cold room). Avoid those cupboards above appliances, namely the stove/oven. In addition, the original packaging isn’t sufficient, get a Tupperware or airtight plastic bag.

  • How much do you drink?

It may be on sale, you may have company or maybe you just drink a lot of coffee; but buying in bulk or large quantities is not the best way to get the best coffee. If you buy beans, grind and roast only the amount you need and if you buy grinds, try buying just enough for the week. You will notice a difference in taste and freshness if you stick to buying and roasting smaller amounts/batches.

  • Choose wisely

Pick a brand that you know and like and if you do not know it or anything about it, be sure to ask. This will help you guide yourself to roasts you like and understand the way to handle and make sure your coffee lasts and tastes great.

  • Coffee Does Go bad

Contrary to what one might think, coffee does go bad. It is important to be aware of the expiration date and to respect that date.

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